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Great Volleyball Net. Top Quality Kevlar Cord 9.5 x1 m

Great Volleyball Net. Top Quality Kevlar Cord 9.5 x1 m

Brand Net made of 3 mm thick high-strength polypropylene in Black. White 50 mm width frame. Very solid mounting with tension lines. The upper clamping rope is a Kevlar cable from approximately 5 mm thickness of 1.4 mm. The ends of the rope (release) consist of a loop with a rather super stable, adjustable steel clip. On the small photo The cord with the loop is only be shown in the pictures – it has the original of 11.70 meters in length. The advantage of the Kevlar rope: with the roll or to place own dynamic no moisture comes on and the net stays in its pipe form. Vorges Celebrity's signed tournament size of 9.5 x 1 meter. Save through our direct import Save money – it will really on the quality we haven't.

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