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Carpoint Motortillbehör

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SECURLUX SafetyFilm 51 x 230 cm

SECURLUX SafetyFilm 51 x 230 cm

SECURLUX? is a high-strength ProtectiveAutoglassFilm. SECURLUX? offers splinter, intrusion and UV protection properties. Occupants are protected by up to 3 film layers. The film is very easy to fit. 1. ACCIDENT-Protection: SECURLUX? minimises injury risk. In a DEKRA test (M050405001) the antisplinter properties during a simulated side impact were tested and impressively confirmed. 2. BURGLARY-Protection: For your car and your valuables. According to official figures over 58,000 car thefts and over 439,000 car burglaries were comitted in Germany in 2004! Smashing the side window is among the most frequently used methods for getting into the car. Against this the extremly robust and crush-resistant SECURLUX? ProtectionFilm offers optimum protection. 3. SAFETY: for the police and race drivers. In this special case, the SECURLUX? is mounted on both sides of the window so that it offers a P3A class. The officers are protected in the inside of the car againt violance like stone throws. The SECURLUX? has very high standards in the motor sport. The international sport law of FIA dictates to use a transparent protection film on the side windows. 4. UV-PROTECTION: Thanks to its special design the protective film offers 99% UV protection. According to the Industrial Optics and Optoelectronics Laboratory at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Technical College in Nuremberg, this is equivalent to a sun protection factor of 180 - or the sixfold protection effect of a conventional Sun Blocker (SPF 30). Note: National regulation homologations apply. Article 1140A, 1164A and 1165A are available with Austrian homologation. For additional information refer to

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