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Summit Motortillbehör

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Summit SRG 1101 Left Side Replacement Mirror Glass

Summit SRG 1101 Left Side Replacement Mirror Glass

Mirror Glass – Summit SRG – 1101, for Nissan Navara May up to 15 LHSSummit Mirrors are leading brand of replacement mirror glass in the UK, with different styles available including standard, anti glare, aspherical lenses and o/e Spec Plastic Backed and mirror. As a full can be expensive. Summit Mirrors offer direct replacement glass and ports without the price of the manufacturer. With a wide range of model-specific ~ Mirror Glass, Summit can solve the problem.The mirror glass is ready to fit directly onto the exisiting broken mirror glass, for quick and easy solution. The adjustable piano bench is supplied with detailed instructions and diagrams. Specifications:• Product features: Product Code: SRG/1101• Product Type: Standard• Position: Left Suitable for:•; Nissan Navara 2005 – 2016

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Kulled 5/8 Höger gänga Hane

Kulled 5/8 Höger gänga Hane

Kulled Gänga: 5/8-18 Högergänga UNF. Kulled Fäste: Hane gänga Kulled Konstruktion: Två delad Kulled: Metall / metall Mutter Ingår: Ja Gängans Längd (Tum): 1.625 Tum. Kulled Fästhål på kulan: 0.625 Tum. Kulled Kulan Diameter (Tum): 1.500 Tum. Kulled Kulans bredd (Tum): 0.484 Tum. Fettnippelfäste: Nej Kulled Centrumlinje Längd (Tum): 2.625 Tum. Värme härdad: Nej Kulled Kulans bredd (Tum): 0.750 Tum. Kulled maxvinkel (grader): 22 grader Kulled Statisk max belastning (lbs): 9,509 lbs. Kulled matrial: Stål

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