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Honeywell HDE010E1 Dehumidifier 10 Litres digital humidistat 3 years warranty

Honeywell HDE010E1 Dehumidifier 10 Litres digital humidistat 3 years warranty

Extracts up to 10L per day which makes it suitable for up to three bed houses Built-in carry handle and castor wheels for easy movement from room to room Built-in humidistat gives you greater control of your home's humidity Automatically shuts off once the water tank is full to avoid overflowing Set it to run continuously or for up to 2, 4 or 8 hours 3 year manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind If you're looking to keep damp at bay and create a healthier environment then this stylish dehumidifier is exactly what you need. It keeps your room’s humidity levels in check by drawing excess moisture from the air that encourages the growth of mould and bacteria. If the humidity is too high then your home is at risk of mould, but if it's too low then airborne viruses like flu can survive longer. Thankfully, the unit allows you to select your desired humidity level for you to find the perfect balance between high and low. We suggest you set it between 50% - 60% and you'll be fine! You can choose to run the dehumidifier continuously in areas that are prone to getting bad cases of damp. Once the water tank reaches its limit, the dehumidifier will then shut down to avoid any chance of overflowing, for you to then simply remove and empty the water tank. If you prefer though, you can connect a hose into the drain outlet at the back of the unit and not have to even worry about emptying it. The dehumidifier features a simple, no nonsense control panel with three buttons that anyone can use - power on/off, humidity and timer mode. The timer setting is great for when you have no choice but to dry your clothes indoors. Just place the unit beside your laundry, set it to run for 2, 4 or 8 hours and you'll be amazed at how much faster they dry. Suitable for up to three bed houses Extracts up to 10 litres per day Digital controls and LED display Electronic controls: Yes Washable dust filters for ease of use Noise level:Maximum noise level 45dB Power Supply:Normal British 230V, ...


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