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  1. Keith McMillen Musikinstrument

Keith McMillen Musikinstrument

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Keith McMillen Instruments P1 3 12STEP Midi Foot Controller

Keith McMillen Instruments P1 3 12STEP Midi Foot Controller

With 12 Step, keyboardists, guitar players, bassists, instrumentalists and vocalists can accompany themselves with their feet, playing bass lines, notes and chords. 12 Step opens up a new dimension to performance by giving your feet unprecedented expressive control using polyphonic aftertouch and pitch bend. Upon the heels of the success of SoftStep, KMI?S versatile USB Foot Controller 12 Step is another leap forward for performing musicians. > tech specs 12 Step features: · Play and control your soft synths, keyboards or sound modules via USB or MIDI * · Familiar chromatic keyboard layout (13 keys) · Play up to 5 Note chords with a single touch · Latch notes or chords, toggle them on/off or play legato · Foot Pressure and Key Tilt supports Channel Pressure and Polyphonic after touch · Easy to see on stage thanks to backlit keys and display · Use it with your iPad and iOS devices? Just plug and play · Use your computer to set up assignments and setlists · Small enough to fit in a backpack, weighs one pound · Built with rugged elastomeric and carbon composite material it?S beer proof. Said Keith McMillen, CEO and founder of Keith McMillen Instruments,?Today?S modern musician demands the best features in a smaller package and at a lower price point, 12 step meets these requirements and more.?

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Keith McMillen BopPad

Keith McMillen BopPad

Smart Fabric Drum Pad

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