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Bontempi 40 Keys Digital Midi Keyboard w 409

Bontempi 40 Keys Digital Midi Keyboard w 409

Easy and quickly assembled: toys Learn without any note knowledge.'Forget your expensive during practice sessions with a music teachers. The system 5 plus allows you to customize the error-free playing the keyboard: Short Time Without A Note skills will develop.'Control your learning progress easily with the "Record and playback function. With 100 different sounds and the chord and drum pads allow an exact screen children's bed charts Türmern and invite for writing of your own songs. With or without melody: you have to do is play the Vorgespeicherten songs and will contact you as for the second parts of Mozart.Of course, there are also different DJ styles so that you can your idol tumble. With this keyboard they are Ultramobil: The Music Stand can be attached to keyboard and freeing up no additional space. Especially practical: there is no mains insert just put the batteries, and you have to do is play where or when you want. Record & Playback (APO): You hear that can played has to offer.'"System 5 plus learning system: Easy Play Learn, even without your knowledge. 32 stored songs: Play and abtanzen. Complete set for the first performance: 2 speaker and music stand Dimensions: 60 x 23.2 x 6.7 cm Operation via mains adapter or batteries: 6 batteries type C/Baby cell – not included Includes method guide/Songs handle and power supply

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