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Buzz Disney Think Fast (Engelsk)

Buzz Disney Think Fast (Engelsk)

Kräver Buzzers (Ingår ej) Disney Think Fast (stylized as Disney TH!NK Fast) is a Disney-themed trivia game show-based game developed by Magenta Software and published by Disney Interactive Studios. The game was released for the Wii in North America on October 21, 2008, in Europe on December 5, 2008, and in Japan on December 18, 2008. The game was also released for PlayStation 2 in North America on November 7, 2008, November 14, 2008 in Europe, and in Australia on December 5, 2008 (the same day the Wii version of the game was released in Europe). While the game does contain over 5,000 questions, most people criticized the questions for being too simple and repetitive, some based on Pixar films (though the questions do change around a bit), which has caused mixed reviews. The game borrows its elements from the Scene It? DVD game franchise and is hosted by Genie from the film Aladdin who introduces and gives results for each round. Each game contains 15 rounds and takes about 30–40 minutes to play. Some rounds require watching clips without the sound, and some where players have to answer trivia questions about Disney films, and some where players have to guess what the artist is drawing. Disney Think Fast is currently the only game developed by Magenta Software that has been released for the Wii. Disney Think Fast is a trivia game show-based game. Each game can be played with up to four players which players can play as various Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar. The game also includes 4 stages, including Ocean Grotto, Regent’s Park, Hawaiian Beach and The Pridelands. Each game takes about 30–40 minutes and contains 15 rounds. Some rounds require players having to watch movie clips without the sound, some where players have to answer multiple-choice Trivia Questions about Disney Movies, and some where players have to guess what the artist is drawing. There are over 5,000 ques...

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