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Cernit Modelling Clay Oven Neon Light Orange 62 g

Cernit Modelling Clay Oven Neon Light Orange 62 g

Cernit modelling clay is extremely flexible, supple with a beautiful surface shine all colours can be blended with each other as Earth is at max.130 degrees approximately 30 minutes in the oven hardened can be the object then after curing, painted, and be decorated use tips Suitable for children over 8 years under supervision of an adult (Oven Use). Use a piece of Cernit by hand Roll Out and softly kneading. The material is soft and can be shaped in any direction.It is absorbed fold like dough and can be washed like hand towel. Always work with clean hands on a clean surface. All colours can be mix and can be mixed together, marbled or with dull white are brightened with each other. Structure and decorationYou can cut moulds are made of Cernit, Depth impressions back Terlassen, with the nails, brushes and scissors Edit &Surface fixed with leaf lace feathers and other reliefs decorating with other methods.Baking in the oven warm up at 110 °C up to 130 °C/230 °F to 266 °F) do not in the microwave for baking. Once baked, is Cernit so hard that it can be drilled filed cut or sandblasted.With acrylic paints, watercolours, decorative Pulverns or even Firnissen can can enhance the material. Let your creativity run free.Safety Data SheetSafety Rules in line with the EU standard EN 71/1/3/5/9 The modelling material should not be in the mouth 2 lines.The baking temperature must not be over 130 °C (266 °F, because otherwise harmful gas can be released. The baking period look at half an hour. All of the gear and the the hands after work clean. At work, no eating, drinking or smoking. - -- Please visit my shop Everything The Artist need

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