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Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter DAC

Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter DAC

The dedicated 384 kHz/24 bit Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter brings together Meridian’s ground-breaking technologies, renowned expertise and pioneering reputation to the analogue realm. Setting the Standard With myriad connectivity options and supported formats, including DSD, DXD and MQA, the Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter boasts an extensive list of user features and performance enhancing innovations: Resolution enhancement technologies, including dither shaping and Meridian upsampling and apodizing filters, are employed to deliver the very best performance from any digital source. For the very first time on a Meridian product you can choose between three different upsampling DSP filter options, depending on your personal preference. The Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter is the first product in the world to feature MQA’s patent-pending Hierarchical Converter Technology, which pushes the unit’s performance far beyond that of any Digital to Analogue Converter currently available on the market. The Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter features Dual Mono DAC cards to provide absolute stability; a unique feature of its construction. Equipped with our award-winning Sooloos music management and streaming platform for the very best user-friendly experience. Meridian Sooloos Meridian Sooloos, the user-friendly music management platform embodies everything you value about music. Your collection becomes easy to manage, with intuitive simplicity and exceptional speed. It’s designed with a deep understanding of music, and delivers an experience that reflects the unique value your music library holds for you. From any room in your home; on portable devices, computers, or even via the web across the world; your Meridian system lets you access, browse and play your library at any time. And you can tune in to internet radio and access popular music streaming services such as TIDAL, simply and easily too. Master Quality Sourced from t...

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Meridian Audio Media Source 200 - demoex, Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio Media Source 200 - demoex, Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio Media Source 200 - demoex Compact Single-Zone Source Media Source 200 is a compact audio endpoint for a single Meridian Digital Media System zone, making it simple to add an additional zone to an existing system. It can be connected direct to Meridian DSP Loudspeakers using SpeakerLink, which can also power the unit. Media Source 200, as a Meridian Digital Media System Zone Source, can access any of the facilities of the host system, including playing back selections from the media library, internet radio, Rhapsody (where available) and other content. Exceptionally simple to use, the Media Source 200 is operated from the Meridian Digital Media System touchscreen, or wirelessly from the free iPhone or iPad app - or any other available system controller. Basic configuration is automatic. Advanced features are configured via a web browser. Connections The rear panel features a 3.5mm combination analogue/digital jack that supplies stereo analogue line-level signals or S/PDIF digital optical signals, allowing it to be connected either to digital or analogue audio systems. An RJ45 SpeakerLink output allows the unit to be connected direct to a pair of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers or a component, such the Audio Core 200, with a SpeakerLink input. When connected via SpeakerLink to the Audio Core 200 or seletced loudspeaker models such as the DSP3200 and DSP3300, the SpeakerLink destination powers the Media Source 200. An external power supply is also included for operation where the Media Source 200 is not connected to a compatible SpeakerLink destination. Thus all that is required to create a Meridian Digital Media Zone with the Media Source 200 is a pair of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, connected simply to the Media Source 200 via the SpeakerLink connector provided. An additional RJ45 Ethernet connection interfaces the Media Source 200 with the IP network and with additional devices. Compact enclosure Media Source 200 features an elegant, compact aluminium encl...


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