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  1. Gameboy Advance-spel

Gameboy Advance-spel

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Desert Strike / Game

Desert Strike / Game

The Strike series comes to the Game Boy Advance. Command an Apache attack helicopter against a military tyrant seeking global domination.By completing a challenging series of high-risk missions, you'll eliminate key military targets, rescue hostages, and rid the world of the threat in the desert!

431 kr
544 krinkl. frakt
Amazon UK
Wave RaceNintendo Game Boy

Wave RaceNintendo Game Boy

personal watercraft racing video game

368 kr
481 krinkl. frakt
Amazon UK


The gang is at it again! This time, Mystery Inc. must stop an evil business tycoon who has used a device called the Tome of Doom and release monsters from another dimension to distract the gang from what is going on. They must grab the Tome and send the monsters back to where they came before it's too late. The player takes control of Shaggy and Scooby with the ability to switch between the two, each with their own special abilities to set traps and capture monsters, and wearing disguises to sneak past them as well. The game play is mostly consisted of puzzle-solving (i.e. moving objects into certain spots to open doors) and players can explore a movie set, The Wild West, a bayou and a laboratory.

435 kr
548 krinkl. frakt
Amazon UK
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