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Cressi Italian make Anti Fog Swimming Goggles for Adults - Clear/Smoked

Cressi Italian make Anti Fog Swimming Goggles for Adults - Clear/Smoked

Cressi Right Goggles The skirt of the new Right goggles can be instantly separated from the strap (and from the adjustable buckles). Both lenses and buckles are coloured so users can choose their favourite lens-buckles-strap combination depending on their taste. It is also possible to purchase several straps complete with coloured buckles separately so you can change the look of your Right goggles whenever you like. Extremely high level technology is used to make this product. Several types of silicone are utilised with skilful alternating of transparent and semi-transparent zones to enhance the look. It is perfectly waterproof on most of the skirt edges and the soft material guarantees extreme comfort even when used over a prolonged period. The strap buckles have a patented instant adjustment system very similar to the one used for underwater masks. To tighten the strap you just need to pull on the two ends and to unlock the buckle and loosen the strap you just have to pull up a small lever. The external parts of the lenses have been treated to make them scratch-proof and the inside of the lenses have been treated with an anti-fog solution.

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