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Aqua Sphere Combo Reef DX(mask and snorkel for kids)

Aqua Sphere Combo Reef DX(mask and snorkel for kids)

LIZ is a mask for little ones aged from 4 years. With LIZ, you can go underwater as well, because it has a nosepiece. It is ideal for those children who wish to protect their nose as well as their eyes, even if they don't want to go diving. The snorkel has been designed for small children and it matches the look of the mask it is sold with.


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Reef Jr + Snorkel

Reef Jr + Snorkel

Diving mask and snorkel

Scandinavian Outdoor

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Cressi Marea Vip Italian Made Snorkel Set

Cressi Marea Vip Italian Made Snorkel Set

VIP masks set Marea; it is lightweight and compact, has a soft body made from silicone with a sealing lip, which for extended use high wearing comfort guaranteed. The short distance between eye and facing lens also give the best possible visibility in all directions. The popper fastening of the mask strap allow for quick adjustment. Thanks to the low inner volume is suitable Marea for all application areas: Schnorcheltauchen, diving and Apnoet diving. Snorkel Gamma: Specially shaped splash water protection: reduces the ingress of splashes of water, without restricting the air supply. Adjustable clip: Clipsystem For Quick Attachment to the mask band, been carefully selected to give your foot stool the alongside the snorkel tube Bewegtund so can be individually adjusted into several positions. New purge system: excess water is collected at the bottom of the tube that fresh air can be provided for the air intake is no longer limited. Internal Ellipsenförmiges valve: thanks to this optimised purge Entils can the snorkel quick and easy emptying.

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