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Personalised Mexican Bola Ball Necklace

Personalised Mexican Bola Ball Necklace

Open your heart to the wonders of sound with this gorgeous angel chimes necklace. The chiming ball contains small brass xylophones that create a beautiful and relaxing sound when it moves. The chiming ball inside can be easily interchanged to a different colour, perfect for showcasing your favourite colour, to match your outfit; or create a personal meaning. Meaning Behind The Jewellery: Often used for soothing the mind, it has been said that the power of sound is one of the greatest. A simple noise can create a deep personal meaning that can trigger memories and bring great happiness. They have also been worn for centuries in many different cultures by expectant mothers. Unborn babies will begin to hear at about 20 weeks, so besides hearing your soothing and loving voice, they will also be able to hear the soft chime sound of the harmony ball.

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