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FiiO D03K Taishan DAC

FiiO D03K Taishan DAC

The FiiO Taishan D03K is a compact digital to analogue converter (DAC) designed to improve the audio from digital sources as well as providing analogue connectivity for products which may not otherwise have this. Most digital televisions do not have analogue outputs allowing for connection to external speakers or hi-fi systems, which is where the D03K comes in. The D03K takes the digital output and converts it into RCA or 3.5mm line out ready to connect to a hi-fi system. The D03K has a high quality DAC which supports audio files up to 192kHz/24bit, ideal for any high resolution sources or music files. A key feature of the D03K is that it can provide a headphone input to many sources which do not offer one and do not offer analoge outputs. Most modern televisions offer only digital outputs and do not feature headphone sockets. The D03K is able to convert the digital output while also providing a headphone socket to enjoy your TV through headphones.

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