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Fredrik Elväng has been an online business enthusiast since the dotcom and employee at PriceRunner since April 2017. He works in the marketing team driving traffic for our websites from all around the web. His main hobbies include coaching kids in sports, skiing and weekend cooking.

Which is your expert review area?

Well, with three kids doing sports and lots of outdoor activities I would say that I am quite strong in those areas. As an amateur chef during the weekends I also have some input on kitchen accessories.

Your last purchase compared on PriceRunner?

A 3.8 liter glass bowl for my wifes Kombucha experiments. She has become a real fan…

Your favourite product?

My brushed stainless steel Klean Canteen Classic 532 ml water bottle which I use daily. What a companion!

What characterizes you as a consumer?

I am an avid saver and always shopping around to find the lowest price and best deals. I don´t mind visiting several stores or driving an extra mile to get a lower price on things and I always price compare both products and services.

Why do we need PriceRunner?

My first use of PriceRunner was already in 1999 when the site was launched. The value of PriceRunner has increased with time as e-commerce has become mainstream. With so many different stores offering the same products it is invaluable to have one site to compare them all.

Best hidden feature on PriceRunner?

I must be boring and say the Price Alert e-mails. On all products you can configure a mail to be sent when the price has decreased a certain amount or when a price has been reached. I use it all the time! It is available on all product pages.

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