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Carl is PriceRunner’s specialist on Garden, Motor and Games related products – ranging from popular lawn mowers and BBQs to PC and video games, game consoles, electric vehicles, car parts and even more. Varied product portfolio, you might think?

Since 2014, Carl has worked hard to help our users find the right products and relevant shopping filters. In general, he enjoys researching and learning more about new trends – particularly within these categories and then he has also studied economics with a focus on retail.

What makes you a specialist within the categories you cover at PriceRunner?

Among other things, I’ve spent half a year repairing a lot of engines in cars, trucks and busses which has given me a great insight into batteries, motors and all the mechanical parts of a vehicle. Prior to my practical tasks at the time, I didn’t really know that much about engines, but I simply took that as a challenge. It made me want to learn more and gain competences in the field!

In addition, for some years I’ve also worked with sales of various kinds of sunshade solutions for consumers and companies. I checked the customers’ needs and tailored a solution for them to keep the sun’s heat and annoying light out. It was quite fun!

How will you describe yourself as a consumer?

I absolutely like doing my research prior to purchase as I’ve always had a general interest in learning new things, especially when it’s related to technical and mechanical stuff.

I aim to set my budget first and plan my purchases. Plan ahead. You never know what extra stuff you might need later when you do any bigger purchases. And then I strive to always read reviews and see ratings on test sites, so I don’t end up with a product that doesn’t meet my expectations.

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What characterizes the categories you cover at PriceRunner?

You always need to be on your toes as consumers are constantly searching for new products. During Spring, the sun just needs to be in the sky and shine for some time and then we see a clear interest in lawnmowers – especially battery models. It’s fun to see these trends go up and down during the year.

Trends and product popularity are truly dynamic and are a product of season and weather. Much can happen with these product categories in a year. In 2017, as you might remember, the fidget spinners just came out of nowhere!

Is there anything on the site you would like to highlight?

We’ve such a wide range of products at PriceRunner and a good coverage of product specifications and different types. I really see that as a strength! When you browse and check products on a retailer’s website, you might only get a few specifications for a product. Often, you’ll find more data about a product here at PriceRunner.

I genuinely like our mission on being the helpful guide for the users and make the consumers able to find what they need cheaper. It’s quite rewarding when you think about that; helping someone find the right product while saving money.

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