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As a mother of two, Malli has a great deal of expertise and insight in the children’s world of products and equipment. We at the PriceRunner office know all about her know-how and passion – and so do her friends as they often discuss strollers and other products. So, it’s only natural that she’s our category specialist responsible for the kids and family categories! Malli joined PriceRunner in 2016 and strive to always be one step ahead of what’s new and important in the industry.

Her philosophy is: "It's not the big savings, but the small ones that makes one rich".

Why did you choose to work at PriceRunner?

Basically, I’ve always been interested in finding the best deals by comparing prices! I’ve this deep-rooted stinginess of not wanting to pay more than necessary which is really the kind of consumer I am. Just by adding a few extra minutes to your shopping process, there’s a lot of money to save.

I love helping my friends and family save money with just as much dedication as I would spend on it myself when I’m looking for the best price. This, in combination with my 20 years’ experience of working within the web and internet industry, made PriceRunner a doubtless place for me to work!

How do I make sure to buy the right products for my children?

Aim to be a few steps ahead and don’t always buy products that are in season now, but rather when the season is over and plan for next year. You know, kids grow fast and along with that there’s a constant need for upgrades. Interests change along with age, and clothes and sports gear get outgrown just when you thought you bought them.

So, when I buy something for my kids I always put quality first, well-known brands and clothing that last which makes it possible for siblings to inherit. The market for second hand products for kids is also huge with lots of good deals to be made!

Any favourite children’s item?

My favourite products are strollers from Baby Jogger. I just fell in love with the brand from the moment I bought the City Mini GT (my all-time favourite stroller!). But one of the best deals I’ve made on PriceRunner was a jogging stroller from Thule which makes it possible for me to take a run with the little one as companion. Strollers and child seats are expensive and very important to price compare.

Your best tips to find the best online deals on PriceRunner?

Be patient and be prepared to buy the item when the price is extra favourable. This is of course most important for the more expensive stuff. Always make sure to check the product’s price history so you know during what period you can make a good deal and then, as a Plus member of PriceRunner, you should activate plenty of price alerts on your must-have products, so you’re notified when the price drops.

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