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The Category Specialist for Sports and Outdoor is a football player who has tried more sports and outdoor activities than there are fingers of three hands. She has practiced figure skating, tennis, floorball, surfing, skiing and everything in between, but the truth is that all sports that include a ball is the real reason she got an A in Physical Education in school. Julia joined PriceRunner in January 2020 and she is now very proud to say that she works with her biggest interest!

Why did you choose to work at PriceRunner?

Sports has always been a massive interest of mine and the gear is crucial for the experience of the activity! You won’t enjoy yoga if the yoga mat feels slippery or if the goggles are so bad that you can’t see anything during your skiing trip. It is so important for the public health that people choose an active lifestyle and good products can absolutely help to motivate! People need good sports gear for a good price so that they choose to get active rather than staying at home on the couch after a long work day at the office.

What is your favourite sports /outdoor item?

That really depends on the season and the weather! But one all time favourite is my bike, I loooove biking and it is 100 times better than commuting in my opinion. Maybe an electric bike to give you an extra push uphill? Or a classic city bike with a basket in the front? Just don’t forget to wear a helmet!

Have you ever gotten injured while sporting?

I have but only one serious injury. I got a burst tendon in my foot a few years ago that kept me from playing football for over a year. Unfortunately, I never managed to come back to the same level as I played on before the injury. And also I have fallen off by bike a few times but I guess that is what to expect when biking in snow in the middle of winter without winter adapt tires... But my bike and I survived those crashes with some small scars so that is fine.

Any great tips of inspiration when it comes to finding the right sport or outdoor equpiment?

No matter the activity, it is so important that you have a product of good quality and that is where I come in to help! The most expensive product isn’t necessarily going to be the one with the highest quality. Make sure you compare the prices of the products before you buy them, that way you will find the best products for the most reasonable prices. I promise you that it will be worth it! And FYI, there is no such thing as having too many sports products either.

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