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Hanna Vesterberg has a great sense of detail and has an eye for the stylish furniture, nice interiors and other smart design solutions. And as a category specialist in the interior categories she has since the summer of 2018 helped you find the right product – whether it’s chic home styling, lighting or textiles. Hanna is constantly in search for the perfect decoration items to her home. Right now, she has so many plants that searching for pots to plant them in is her number one prio.

Why did you choose to work at PriceRunner?

Before PriceRunner I worked at a web shop that sells interior decoration and that’s when my interest in interior grew even bigger. So, it felt like a good fit for me to be able to work with interior and combine it with price comparison. I never buy anything without browsing around first to find the best product and price, so I feel right at home in the PriceRunner team where a lot of people are the same way.

How would you summarize the categories you work within?

I would say that in my categories looks matters! Maybe except for the beds and mattresses category, in that category you shouldn’t just go for the look. But when it comes to home styling, lighting, textiles and furniture the first thing you see would be how it looks, you fall in love with something and then you just hope the prices isn’t too high and that your kitchen is spacious enough for that perfect table you just found.

How’s your interior design style at home?

My style in general is quite colourful I would say. I like colours and patterns but try not to go too crazy with it. I like a bit more darker versions of colours, especially green and blue, and I also have more than one gold detail. I think I’m more fond of the smaller details than the bigger furniture, the things that feel more personal. I also love plants, so my windows are always filled with them!

Any great tips of inspiration when it comes to finding the right interior?

My tips when it comes to home styling and decoration is to look at different places, even places where you maybe didn’t expect to find something you would like. I’ve found a lot of great products both at second hand stores and in more expensive shops. Mixing different brands, material, new and old items often make a home cosy and interesting in my opinion.

… and any tips for using PriceRunner when looking for new stylish products?

Since decorating is so much about the looks of things I think the filters are very helpful. You might just have an idea of what you want but don’t have a specific product in mind. Either you can filter on brands to find something in your taste, or if there’s a special type of material or colour you’re looking for then those filters will guide you to the right products.

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