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Elin Nilsson consider herself as a shopaholic - not regarding everything but at least when it comes to clothes, beauty and interior. Basically, she loves shopping(!) and this burning interest helps her a lot in her profession. Elin has since 2017 been a category specialist at PriceRunner with focus on our clothing and beauty categories. And she’s proud to say that she works with her interests! She also has a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Studies.

How do you keep yourself up to date on all the new trends in the industry?

Many online stores are full of inspiration – both on their websites and in their newsletters where they share inspirational tips to current trends, new outfits and stylish products in general. Of course, I also love reading various fashion magazines in print and online as well as I browse Pinterest and other platforms to keep myself up to date on the changeable fashion outfits and trends in the market.

Any great tips of inspiration when it comes to finding your style (clothing/beauty/interior)?

For me to find your style, Pinterest is perfect! There you can get a lot of inspiration and check out a bunch of images or videos on for example clothes or interior. When you’ve found a style or product you really want, you can always go to PriceRunner to find the best deals or products. In the bottom of this interview you can find my Pinterest account where I’ve more than 10000 pins. I love Pinterest!

How do I make sure to buy the right clothes or pair of shoes at the first try?

The best advice is really: Go for brands and sizes that you know you can fit. If you’re in doubt, then find your tape measure and see what measurements you have! ;) Most brands have an online guide with measurements for their clothing sizes. Personally, I prefer to shop at stores that have an easy way to return if the items don’t fit. So, I also check for the shipping and return costs before I buy something.

What are you most happy about at PriceRunner?

The price alerts via email are perfect! If there is a product you really want, and you can wait for the price to drop, then the price drops email can be worth the wait. I also like deals of the day which is a perfect way to find a deal on a product you didn’t know you needed. All the discount codes you can find at PriceRunner is also great!

Finally, what characterizes you as a consumer?

I love scouting the field to find the best deals and searching for the best products. Whether it’s clothes, interior or make up products. It’s very rarely that I shop products to the original price. I either shop with a discount code or when it’s a sale. I always search and try to find the best products and the best prices on those. And to state the obvious: I always use PriceRunner! Finally, did I say that I’m a shopaholic?

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