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Dvd storage Filmer


Dvd storage Filmer Self storage - dvd

Self storage - dvd

Jake är nattvakt på ett hyrlager, med extra hög säkerhetsbevakning, nära Rhode Island. Jobbet på lagret är rätt trist så när hans kompisars festplaner blir ...
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Storage Wars 3 [DVD] [2011] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

Storage Wars 3 [DVD] [2011] [Region 1] [...

Fast-talking auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson and the loyal bidders that frequent their storage unit sales are back for more STORAGE WARS. Aided only by the beam of a flashlight, the bidders get a quick peek inside the units, then have mere minutes to decide if theyre going to take the gamble, make a bid and see if the resulting buy is full of mostly trash or true treasure. Storage addict and 32-year bidding veteran Darrell and his son Brandon Sheets, secondhand store owner Jarrod Schultz, entrepreneur Dave Hester and antique collector Barry Weiss return for more high-stakes fun as they try to outbid one another in the pursuit of storage treasure. Part gamblers and part detectives, these seasoned veterans negotiate the fascinating and obscure world of storage auction and consignment, with personalities as colorful and varied as the treasures they uncover. In STORAGE WARS: VOLUME 3, the buyers are introduced to the world of vault auctions, Dave goes all in for a unit that hasnt been opened in 20 years and Barry has a brush with his own mortality. DISC 1: Im the New Mogul / Driving Miss Barry / Winner Winner Chicken Dinner / Auction Sesame / Stairway to Hemet / Scoot-A-Toot, Toot / The Empire Strikes Out / Make It Rain, Girl DISC 2: Smoke Em If You Find Em / The Drone Wars / Brandis First Time / Hooray for Holly-Weird / Dont Bid So Close to Me / Not Your Average Bear / Hook, Line, and Sucker / Operation Hobo
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The Pope Of Greenwich Village [DVD]

The Pope Of Greenwich Village [DVD]

Set among the Italian-American community of Manhattan and adapted by Vincent Patrick from his own novel, 1984's The Pope of Greenwich Village just about gets by on its charm. It stars Mickey Rourke as Charlie, a small-time grafter who is on the point of making his big move and breakaway. Unfortunately, the pull of family ties means that he's hampered by his cousin Paulie (Eric Roberts), an ambitious and excitable idiot who manages to cock up absolutely everything he turns his hand to, bringing down Charlie with him every time. After he gets the pair of them sacked from a restaurant, Paulie helps set up a safecracking deal with older hand Kenneth MacMillan. Trouble is, they’re robbing the local mafia boss. Rourke and Roberts' relationship is modelled closely on that of Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro in Scorcese's Mean Streets, only without quite the same harrowing consequences. This being the 1980s there's much De Niro-esque methodology, which generally consists of repeating lines at least twice ("Fix your tie! Fix your tie!"). The element of improv sees the film veer off course occasionally, while Darryl Hannah is her usual oddly semi-detached self in the role of Rourke's girlfriend. However, it's Roberts' performance as the exasperating and energetic Paulie which carries the film, with solid support from numerous Goodfellas and Sopranos regulars. On the DVD: The Pope of Greenwich Village arrives on disc in a decent enough but hardly pristine print. The sole extra is the original trailer, which means the only real benefit of acquiring this on DVD is storage convenience. --David Stubbs
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Tractor Ted Big Machines DVD

Tractor Ted Big Machines DVD

Preschool children are fascinated to see the real life big farm machines in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite farm cartoon, Tractor Ted. Tractor Ted visits an enormous arable farm in East Anglia where he sees many of the biggest farm machines at work during harvest time. There isn`t enough room in the barn to store all the grain so a new one is being built. All sorts of construction vehicles like excavators, diggers, mixers and a huge articulated hauler are used. Includes a brand new song `Lets go Cultivating` and all the usual accurate information about real life on the farm from cheerful Tractor Ted. Tractor Ted pays a visit to an enormous arable farm in East Anglia where he sees many of the biggest farm machines at work during harvest which sees Fastrac tractors and trailers running day and night to keep up with two enormous Claas combine harvesters as their grain tanks continually fill up. There isn't enough room in the grain store for the wheat to be kept safely under cover so a new one is being built using all sorts of big machine favourites such as excavators, diggers, cement mixers, loaders and a huge articulated hauler. In the meantime the grain is tipped out onto the yard. Lorries come and go taking the grain from the store and off to the millers. You can see why this film is a best seller! Tractor Ted has lots of interaction with the children as he pops up on screen to narrate the real-life action. He encourages them to listen, count, read and sing to the film and they pick up lots of great knowledge - and love it! An interesting insight into the collective farm storage at Camgrain Stores, suppliers of all Sainsburys UK only bread-making wheat. There is an accompanying 32 page photographic book also available.
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Traction 2008 Part One - DVD - Locomaster Profiles

Traction 2008 Part One - DVD - Locomaste...

The DVD of the Year - Part One This is the first installment of the traction review of 2008, which covers the six month period from the start of January to the end of June. This has been an action-packed period, as locomotive fleet developments and a selection of eye-catching workings continue to provide plenty of variety on the current motive power scene. Aside from the main line action, there were plenty of notable preservation events as well. So whatever your taste in modern traction, this programme has something for just about everyone! Freight Traffic and Traction: 56057 returns to the main line re-numbered 56311 to work container trains for Fastline Freight. Former Freightliner locos 57002 and 57003 running under their own power to Barry for storage. 37401 + 37422 hauling HAA coal hoppers from Millerhill to Mossend. 47818 rescuing an EWS stone train in Suffolk. Riviera Class 47s & Virgin Class 57s working Royal Mail trains. The first coal train over the newly re-opened Stirling - Alloa - Kincardine line. Two GB Railfreight Class 66s rescuing EWSs Holybourne - Eastleigh oil tanks. Re-liveried Advenza Class 57s working scrap metal trains. New Fastline Freight Class 66s arrive. Royal Mail and DRS diversions following the new year Rugby engineering fiasco. Passenger Traction, Railtours and Specials: 86259 'Les Ross' returns to the main line. 73201 heading for storage at Long Marston. Class 47s, 57s and 67s on hire to Grand Central. Class 87s going into store at Long Marston - and then emerging with new identities for export to Bulgaria. DRS Class 20s rescuing a steam charter on the Cumbrian coast. Class 25 D7628 working NYMR service trains to Whitby. 55022 ventures to Oban & Penzance. 47712 and 47802 launch the 'Stobart Pullman'. Re-painted Class 67s on WSMR trains to Marylebone. Ground-breaking trips to Edinburgh and Whitby for D1015 'Western Champion'. 40145 travels to Lowestoft & Aberystwyth. The ACTS Class 58 farewell tour in Holland.
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