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  1. Cristina re Filmer

Cristina re Filmer


Cristina re Filmer Lovers on the Bridge

Lovers on the Bridge

NOTE: This is a region-1 DVD which requires a region free DVD-player. Leos Caraxs The Lovers on the Bridge , presented by Martin Scorsese, is one of the most spectacularly romantic films of the 1990s. It follows the intense, convulsive relationship between one-eyed artist Michele (Juliette Binoche) …

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Cristina re Filmer Opera (Special Edition) [Dual Format] (Blu-ray)

Opera (Special Edition) [Dual Format] (B...

Dario Argento (Suspiria) returns to CultFilms with thisbreath-taking new restoration which finally does justice to theMaestro's groundbreaking visionary horror masterpiece OPERA. Withreality-defying soaring cinematography splattered with expressionisticGrand Guignol excess, Dario Argento turns up th…

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