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Buzzed Sällskapsspel


Buzzed Sällskapsspel Kookoo Puzzles: Dancing/Movin' & Groovin' - Kortspil

Kookoo Puzzles: Dancing/Movin' & Groovin...

First things first...forget everything you know about puzzles. When you pick up a KooKoo puzzle you'll be challenged to arrange and overlap six puzzle pieces to complete a picture. Here's the real brain scratcher - you'll need to have a delicate hand and keen eye to determine the correct angles and …
133 krinkl. frakt
35 kr
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Buzzed Sällskapsspel Crimson Skies - Ace Pack #2: Deadly Duo

Crimson Skies - Ace Pack #2: Deadly Duo

Maria Sanchez scraped by on whatever repairs dropped into her desolate machine shop. Then sky pirate Nathan Zachary buzzed in under attack. When her shop was destroyed, Nathan and Maria fled in an old biplane. Now she joins Zachary'€™s Fortune Hunters on their aerial adventures, determined to regain…
169 krinkl. frakt
71 kr
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