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Chapman Guitar Musikinstrument

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Chapman Guitars ML3 BEA Rabea Massaad Baritone in Crimson

Chapman Guitars ML3 BEA Rabea Massaad Baritone in Crimson

Rabea Massaad's signature model is an absolute beast of a guitar offering bite and power when you need it most - this baritone version combines classic design with a punchy low-end sound, perfect for modern metal. Rabea Massaad on the ML3 BEA: The ML3 BEA guitars are an amalgamation of all my guitar influences musically and physically up to now in my career - achieving a combination of beauty and brutality - both tonally and visually! Rabea Massaad Signature Guitars with Chappers and The Captain! Body & Neck Satin finished Alder is used for the body, known for its pronounced upper midrange. This makes it perfect for contemporary styles, and allows to remain resonant and clear in any mix - particularly important with dense compositions and complex musical styles. A series of carved curves also ensure that you'll be ultra-comfortable handling the ML3 BEA. The bolt-on neck is Padauk. Known for its weighty feel, it produces a tone that's similarly heavy - plenty of sustain and warmth, perfect for accentuating the extended range resonance of a baritone. Indian Ebony is used for the rolled fretboard, balancing out the tonal combination with a sparkling top-end. Hardware & Electronics Rabea voiced the pickups for his signature model to make sure that the sound suited his unique playing style. The resulting Henchman humbucker (bridge) and mini-rail (neck) combination offers a brilliantly balanced tonal palette that can make the most of the extended range. The bridge position produces razor sharp metal tones that respond brilliantly to a variety of distortions. Switch to the middle position and you're in a world of compressed twang - cleans sound simply spectacular. The neck position brings the warmth, perfect for well-rounded cleans and rich lead parts. It doesn't end there though; a 5-way switch and coil tap allows for a whole host of extra sounds - the fun never ends. Black and chrome hardware and reveal binding polishes off this guitars classy, modern aesthetic. The C...

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Chapman Guitars ML1 Pro Traditional in Satin White Dove

Chapman Guitars ML1 Pro Traditional in Satin White Dove

The deceptively understated ML1 Traditional was the first ever Chapman Guitars concept. Designed in collaboration with Rob Chapman's online followers, it combines modern design with tonal versatility, and is now available across all three of their ranges; Standard, Pro and British Standard. Lets Get Traditional With Chapman Guitars - Guitar Paradiso Body & Neck Chapman chose Swamp Ash for the body of the ML1 Pro. Used in some of the first solid-body electric guitars available to the public back in the '50s, Swamp Ash has earned its place among tonewood royalty. Known for an even resonance but with a slightly scooped midrange, it's perfect for any playing style, from blues to indie. It's also got a cool pronounced grain that offers an eye-catching organic aesthetic, and a set of subtle curves all-round, meaning a totally comfy playing experience for hours on end. The neck is satin-finished Maple; a bright, snappy top-end and a silky smooth playing experience. You'll be able to navigate the full range of the neck with ease - the C-shape will feel familiar whatever your playing style, and the volute will ensure excellent durability. Hardware & Electronics Going for the SSS configuration, Chapman have loaded this model with 3 Venus Witch Zero single coil pickups. Featuring Alnico V magnets, they offer a brilliant twang that perfectly complements the classic Ash and Maple combination. Alnico V magnets are known for offering slightly higher outputs than their counterparts, which gives the classic single coil tone a modern edge. Chrome and nickel hardware finish off the aesthetics of the ML1 in brilliantly old-school fashion. As the term 'traditional' might suggest, this guitar channels classic solid-body design, but without compromising the modern playability Chapman guitars are known for. Specifications: Headstock: Straight heritage headstock Neck: Maple with satin finish Neck type: C shape recessed bolt-on neck with volute Top: Swamp ash solid carve top with satin fi...

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