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Malmsten Swedish Goggles, Standard Swimming Goggles

Malmsten Swedish Goggles, Standard Swimming Goggles

Malmsten Swedish competition swimming goggles, tinted. Instructions for assembling your Swedish goggles: The two lenses are connected to the short cotton ribbon via the small holes on the inside, which should first be pulled through the small plastic nose bridge. Caution – check the fit and position of the lens shells in proportion to your eye cavities. If you are not quite sure, you should ask a professional swimmer, swim coach, or someone who already uses these glasses for advice. It is important that the distance between your eyes is adjusted correctly. Then the rubber band is then adjusted and fixed between the small holes on the outside of the lenses. The elastic band is pulled over the back of the head. Do not dry your goggles with a towel. Treat the lenses of the goggles with the necessary care so that you can enjoy your Swedish goggles for a long time to come.

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