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Vector Truck

Vector Truck

MBS' NEW Vector trucks with patent pending "Twin Pin Channel" truck technology provide the perfect blend between precision, weight, and economy by combining the attributes of the lightweight, easy to adjust, and inexpensive ATS truck with the world renowned precision and stability of the Matrix Channel truck. Added features such as a flat grind surface and the stainless M10 king pin and hardware guarantee that the Vector will be loved by weight-conscious kiteboarders, mountainboarders and skate park riders alike. The all new Vector truck is a hybrid channel truck from MBS. It works in the same principal as a channel truck but hasn't got the springs which are normally associated with this kind of truck. Instead it uses a bushing normally associated with a skate truck. This setup saves a huge amount of weight and makes the the lightest channel truck on the market. Features: -Easy to adjust - The rider has two levels of adjustment.First they can tighten or loosen a single king pin to change turning resistance. Second, if they want a larger change in resistance, they can replace their bushings with ones of a different durometer. -High Precision - The precision of the Twin Pin truck is similar to that of the Matrix truck. -Good Grind Surface - Designed with the ever increasing popularity of rails in mind. The Twin Pin truck has an unobstructed grind surface to be compatible with all types of rails/boxes. -Reversible Bottom Truck - The bottom truck can be rotated 180 degrees with respect to the top truck to provide an alternative board geometry The price is for one truck only
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349 kr
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