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Canon EOS 650D (2012-10-21)

Sammanfattning: Canon's top-notch digital SLR impresses Elias Plastiras Läs hela recensionen

Positivt: Fast performance; good usability; accurate focusing.

Negativt: Optical viewfinder leaves out some edge details.

Land: GBR


Canon EOS 650D (2012-10-11)

Sammanfattning: GFI's flagship protection software arrives - can its firewall, filtering and anti-phishing options protect your business? Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Clever use of a touchscreen display and a vast improvement to autofocus performance on video and stills makes the 650D the best all-rounder for amateurs

Land: GBR


Canon EOS 650D review (2012-09-26)

Sammanfattning: Big improvements to video capture make this a strong contender for both still and moving images Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Big improvements to video capture make this a strong contender for both still and moving images

Land: GBR


Canon EOS 650D Digital SLR Review (2012-09-11)

Sammanfattning: The latest Canon EOS 650D features a new touch screen, as well as hybrid AF and a new HDR mode among other new features, Joshua Waller finds... Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Video is improved thanks to stereo sound and continuous AF, although this is still generally quite slow compared to mirrorless cameras, and the noise of the lens focussin...

Positivt: Excellent colour reproduction; Excellent image quality; Excellent noise performance up to ISO3200 and above; Excellent touch screen; Live view allows 5x and 10x magnifica...

Negativt: Lens focusing motor loud and picked up by microphones; Noticeable barrel and pincushion distortion with 18-135mm lens; Slow live view focus (compared to Sony SLT or Mirro...

Land: GBR


Canon EOS 650D Digital SLR User Review (2012-08-02)

Sammanfattning: Prashant Meswani gives us his opinion on the new Canon EOS 650D Digital SLR, in his user review. Updated: 02/08/12 with low-light examples. Läs hela recensionen

Land: GBR

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