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goraxify, Bara för grym!
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Bättre chassi än detta är svårt att hitta om man är en extrem data-nörd och inte vill slösa onödigt mycket pengar. Rekomenderas startkt!

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Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T (2011-09-06)

Sammanfattning: We’ve already reviewed Corsair’s 600T once. We loved the case, but bemoaned the lack of side air intakes. The Special Edition White 600T is ... Läs hela recensionen

Positivt: Tremendous amount of room; very sharp-looking; onboard fan control.

Negativt: Cooling is merely decent with the acrylic window; plastic case accents.

Land: GBR


Corsair 600T Special Edition White (2011-06-24)

Sammanfattning: This past year at CES we had barely dropped our bags off at the hotel before we hit the ground running. Our first task was to make it to the... Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Corsair hit a grand slam with their 800D, showing the entire market that there is still room for improvement in the case industry. With their first mid tower case they ha...

Land: GBR


Corsair Graphite Series 600T White Case (2011-06-10)

Sammanfattning: Corsair released a new version of the Graphite Series 600T mid-tower case in white and with a new configuration for the side panel. Let’s ch... Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: The original Corsair Graphite Series 600T. proved to be a terrific case and deserved our recommendation due to its construction quality, number of features, and price. (T...

Positivt: Top-notch material. Sleek design. Air filter for the front fan. Air filter for the power supply fan. Meshed 5.25” bay covers with air filters. Six internal 3.5”/2.5” bays...

Negativt: No individual fan speed controllers. No air filter for the left-side panel mesh. USD 20 more expensive than the original 600T.

Land: GBR


Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T Chassis (2011-06-01)

Sammanfattning: After being left so impressed with Corsair’s Obsidian 650D chassis last month, we couldn’t wait to take the company’s Special Edition White ... Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Yet again, Corsair has impressed me. Having not used any of its cases until the 650D, I’m shown yet again what a good design can do for a build. All components installed ...

Land: GBR


Corsair 600T Graphite review (2011-03-04)

Sammanfattning: Cooling options are limited, but the 600T is still a great case with masses of room for even the most powerful of PCs. Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Cooling options are limited, but the 600T is still a great case with masses of room for even the most powerful of PCs.

Land: GBR

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