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Corsair 600T (2011-01-06)

Sammanfattning: It’s no secret that we really like Corsair’s full-tower case, the 800D. That chassis earned a Kick Ass Award for its no-nonsense exterior, g... Läs hela recensionen

Positivt: Absolute joy to build into; good looks, differentiated from Corsair's full-towers; good value.

Negativt: No side fan; some kinda-high GPU temperatures.

Land: GBR


Corsair Graphite Series 600T (2010-11-09)

Sammanfattning: Want a mid-tower case but need the full tower features? Corsair has the answer. 600T case designed for enthusiast and gamer alike. Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Corsair are keen to get across that the 600T is a mid-tower sized case but with full tower features, and in that statement they definitely aren't wrong. The 600T has a ri...

Positivt: Excellent build quality.; Expandable.; Good air cooling.; Masses of space.; Outstanding cable management.; Tool-less throughout - even the side panels.; Water-cooling sup...

Negativt: An expensive mid-tower.; Lack of anti-vibration rubber mounting for PSU.

Land: GBR


Corsair Graphite Series 600T Case (2010-10-20)

Sammanfattning: The Corsair Graphite Series 600T is a mid-tower case with lots of features usually found only in full-tower products. Let’s check it out. Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Corsair has really hit bull’s eye with the Corsair 600T, a top-notch mid-tower case with features usually only found on more expensive full-tower models, being a perfect ...

Positivt: Top-notch material. Air filter for the front fans. Air filter for the power supply fan. Meshed 5.25” bay covers with air filters. Six internal 3.5”/2.5” bays will be more...

Negativt: No individual fan speed controllers. Some users may want a fan on the left-side panel.

Land: GBR


Corsair Graphite 600T mid-tower chassis (2010-10-13)

Sammanfattning: Aiming to take control of the mid-sized enclosure market, we see how well Corsair has done with the 600T. Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: Corsairhas moved into the mainstream chassis market with the Graphite600T. Designed to house a mountain of high-end in a mid-sizedenclosure, the 600T does a good job for ...

Land: GBR


Corsair Graphite 600T (2010-10-05)

Sammanfattning: The Corsair Graphite 600T is a PC case of the mid-ATX form factor that is worth your money if you are looking for a high-end computer casing... Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: The Corsair Graphite 600T is a mid-ATX PC case that is worth your money if you are looking for a high-end computer casing which is high on functionality and yet does not ...

Land: GBR

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