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Sequinity, Prisvärd iPhone
Mest positiva recension: 5 / 5
En mycket prisvärd iPhone som fungerar riktigt bra om du är ute efter en bra mobil med bra funktioner.
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Ramazan201, Obs Obs Obs Köp inte Iphone 5s
Mest negativa recension: 1 / 5
Behåll din Iphone 4s.

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Apple iPhone 5S Review (2014-01-15)

Sammanfattning: Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: "The best iPhone of all time with great performance, an excellent camera and a stunning design."

Positivt: + Great performance; + Stunning design; + Top camera; + Touch ID Fingerprint sensor; + iOS 7 has a great visual design and excellent features

Negativt: - 4-inch Retina display can seem small; - Expensive, especially if you want larger capacity models; - No NFC support; - No microSD support; - Similar appearance to iPhone 5

Land: GBR


Apple iPhone 5S review (2014-01-11)

Sammanfattning: The iPhone 5S is Apple's latest flagship smartphone, one that tweaks and enhances the iPhone 5. With almost all of 2013's smartphone models ... Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: The

Positivt: Touch ID fingerprint sensor, A7 processor, M7 processor, better camera, universal 4G support, iOS 7 makes it a cleaner user experience, it just works.

Negativt: Screen still feels small, screen res remains average, no NFC, iCloud still a mess, day one and the 5S feels no different from iPhone 5, optional cases grate with the 5S c...

Land: GBR


Apple iPhone 5S (2013-10-08)

Sammanfattning: Apple's innovative streak really only rears its head in alternating cycles, so the "S" follow-up tends to be just an improvement on the last... Läs hela recensionen

Land: GBR


Apple iPhone 5s review: Step by step (2013-09-27)

Sammanfattning: It’s that time of year again and Apple’s in the usual record-breaking mood at the box-office. This is an Läs hela recensionen

Land: GBR


Review: Apple iPhone 5s (2013-09-27)

Sammanfattning: Like its predecessor, the iPhone 5s is one of the best handsets you can buy. But more importantly, it's laying the groundwork for the smartp... Läs hela recensionen

Bedömning: I pull my iPhone out of my pocket, tap the home button, and let my thumb linger an extra second longer than I normally would have. The lock screen fades away and the iOS ...

Positivt: Blazing fast A7 processor. Call quality is excellent, especially using FaceTime Audio. Touch ID feels like the future, and works flawlessly. Vastly improved camera, parti...

Negativt: Apple and iOS developers have yet to dream up truly innovative features. Still waiting for Siri to reach her full potential.

Land: GBR

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